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Xavier Maota

Rebecca Meier

Rebecca Meier

 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (currently completing Bachelor of Early Childhood Education)

My name is Xavier and I am one of the lead teachers here at Talbingo 3-year-old Kindergarten Inc. I studied and completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education Care in 2015 and found a passion to teach in early childhood. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education in early Childhood and Primary and love all the new knowledge that I am learning.

I enjoy helping children in their learning journey and am in awe and excited when I witness their progress.

The social and emotional wellbeing of a child is fundamental to their ability to be able to learn, so I believe in creating strong relationships so that they feel safe and secure in their learning environment.  

Music is an important art form of expression, so I aim to teach children action songs that help with their fine and gross motor skills and enhance their memory.

 I believe that teaching children diversity and culture helps them to learn about the world around them and will assist them in being accepting and respectful to different abilities and cultures.

Learning about sustainability and our environment will help the children to develop an understanding of our responsibility to the planet and what actions need to be taken to preserve our environment.

Incorporating The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) in my planning and programming, I aim to create play based learning experiences that helps develop literacy and numeracy skills that is engaging and builds skills for life.


Rebecca Meier

Rebecca Meier

Rebecca Meier

 Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

I began my career in early childhood education back in 2010. I worked in long day care working with children between 0 to 3 years, focusing on providing a caring and welcoming space for children and their families.

 I enjoyed my experience working with younger children however, I was always intrigued with the 3 to 5-year-old age group and how independent and spirited they appeared. This encouraged me to complete my Bachelor of Early Childhood at Deakin University. 

From 2013 I spent 5 years teaching at a kindergarten in Doncaster East, working with both 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten children. I believe during this time I was able to find my feet as a teacher whilst incorporating my passion for music and movement. 

My philosophy emphasizes play-based learning and the use of open-ended resources/materials to encourage imaginative and spontaneous learning. Being a creative teacher, I was always looking for new and exciting ways to engage the children and make their kinder experience unforgettable! 

I have recently moved back to Melbourne after spending almost 2 years working as a casual relief teacher in Brisbane QLD. During this time, I was able to see how other kindergartens operate and the different teaching styles and practices. This got me thinking and reflecting about my own philosophy and how I can make adaptations and changes for my own future growth as an educator. This concurs with my belief that early childhood education is constantly changing and progressing and as a teacher it is imperative to be open to accepting new ideas and progressing as the sector evolves. 

Not only is the education changing but so are the children as each year goes by, it is wonderful to see how knowledgeable and passionate the children are about their own interests. A teacher can learn a lot from their students and that is just one thing I love about working with children.

I am very excited to be joining the Talbingo family, and making meaningful connections with a new group of families. I am looking forward to working alongside the teaching team and committee members as we create memorable moments for all current and future kindergarten children at Talbingo 3-year-old Kindergarten Inc.



Rebecca Cove

Probodha Pathmaperuma

Probodha Pathmaperuma

 Diploma of Children's Services

I was introduced to Talbingo 3-Year-Old Kindergarten in 2015 when my oldest daughter started in the Koala group and continued through to 2018 when my youngest daughter attended in the Wombat group.

 During this time I realised that working with children was what I wanted to do, and as such I completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I have since decided to continue my studies and have started a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. 

Being 3 is such a busy and complex time in your child’s life. Aside from learning new skills, connecting with new people and processing new information daily, they are trying to learn how to control their emotions. As a 3-year-old kindergarten educator, I am here to help your child build their social and emotional skills in a caring and loving way. 

My favourite parts of the day are sitting down with the children and sharing in their fun through games, or when they create an art masterpiece to proudly show me, or just sitting on the couch reading a book together. These interactions are important as they show that the children and I have built a secure relationship, which is integral to a successful 3-year-old kindergarten year.

It is a privilege to see the joy and pride on the children's faces when they learn something new, master a difficult skill, or as they share a fun experience with their peers. I look forward to sharing these experiences with you and your child across the year. 


Probodha Pathmaperuma

Probodha Pathmaperuma

Probodha Pathmaperuma

Diploma of Children's Services 

(Child Care)

I commenced my career and education in working with children back in 2018 and have attained numerous academic qualifications that have enabled myself to learn and grow. I have also decided to pursue my qualifications furthermore by completing my Bachelors Degree in the near future.

I believe that there is some magic involved when working with children, especially the “Threenagers”. They are extremely confident and have very bright lights inside of them and they surely are not afraid to let it shine. Their love is strong and passionate and they proudly wear their hearts on their sleeves. But most importantly, they are very pure. 

It has always been my agenda to encourage learning through play while providing children with opportunities to discover and create. I strongly believe in and celebrate Cultural Diversity as I believe it is vital for the future bright minds to comprehend its importance.  

I have always believed that Environment Play is a major success in Early Childhood and everything it represents whilst enhancing a child’s developmental domains. One of the key things as to why I love working with young children is to learn and grow myself by observing them becoming the best versions of themselves.


I am very contented to join Talbingo and build sound relationships with children and families and share precious experiences closely. I am most excited to see the beautiful and infectious smiles everyday and spend time learning, discovering and building safe relationships.



Monday to Thursday 8am-4.30pm


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