Our Philosophy

 At Talbingo 3-year-old Kindergarten Inc., our aim is to create a welcoming, warm and relaxed environment where each child feels safe, secure, accepted and respected… an environment that invites children to play, explore and learn.  We believe in a holistic approach to teaching and learning where we recognise that physical, social, emotional, personal, creative and cognitive learning are all intertwined and inter-related.

We treat each child as an individual and recognise that each child comes to kindergarten with a different history, different past experiences, different personality, different ways of learning and different readiness to embark on new experiences.  The overall growth of the child is influenced by all who are in their lives – family, educators, peers and community.  Respectful caring bonds with children and their families are the vital foundation for a wonderful kindergarten experience.  We encourage the children and their families to contribute ideas and interests which we incorporate into the learning environment.  Along with these interests and ideas, we are responsive to the children’s play, strengths and abilities and plan our program with all of these in mind.  While some learning experiences are planned ahead of time, many learning opportunities occur spontaneously during the course of the sessions.

Our kindergarten follows the National Early Years Learning Framework which describes childhood as a time of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Belonging is about feeling you are part of a group – a feeling that you are connected and have a meaningful role and relationship with others.

Being is about living in and enjoying the here and now… being accepted for who you are.  Childhood is a special time in life and children need time just to “be”…time to play, experiment and explore, try new things and have fun.

Becoming is about the learning and development that young children experience and reflects their growing understanding and abilities.

Throughout the program we aim to support and assist the children to achieve the five learning outcomes as stated in the Victorian Early Years Framework.

These outcomes are:

1.    Children have a strong sense of identity.

2.    Children are connected and contribute to their world.

3.    Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

4.    Children are confident and involved learners.

5.    Children are effective communicators.

Young children are naturally inquisitive and curious about the world around them. We endeavour to create an environment that encourages and encompasses the children’s natural curiosity and their sense of wonder. By creating inviting and stimulating play spaces both indoors and outdoors, the children engage in meaningful play and are free to experiment as they use the materials provided.  We offer “open ended” activities and experiences that can be used in different ways by children of different readiness and ages.  Children learn through play… by doing, listening and seeing. Therefore, we offer many sensory experiences that promote exploration, investigation and experimentation.

At 3-year-old kindergarten, children are starting to socialise.  Learning to get along with others is one of the most challenging areas in childhood development.  It is important that many opportunities are offered for the children to play alone, alongside and/or co-operatively with others.  It is our belief that children learn best when they feel positive about their own self-worth. Therefore it is of the utmost importance in our teaching that each child learns to value themselves for who they are and what they can offer others.  Staff model appropriate behaviours and provide guidance where necessary to help children socialise, develop respect for one another, assume responsibility for their actions and resolve conflicts.  We aim to build children’s independence, giving them choices to play materials and encouraging them to make their own decisions.

Our staff are available for the children at all times… to help, guide, teach, scaffold, encourage and nurture. By providing an environment full of rich experiences we hope to foster a love of learning, and trust that Talbingo 3-year-old Kindergarten Inc. will be a solid foundation for the children’s future education.


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