Children turning 3 before 30 April

Our kinder offers spots to children who turn 3 years of age before 30 April.   If your child/children turns 3 between January and 30 April they must wait until they are 3 before they can commence their sessions.  Should your child turn 3 on the day of your allocated kindergarten session, you are very welcome to begin from that day forward.   

For example if your child/children turns 3 on 17th March , they are unable to attend the kindergarten until the 17th March or the first session after that date.  

Children born between 1st January and 30th April can do two years at 3-year-old kinder if parents are deferring 4-year-old kinder. A new enrolment form is required for the second year.

Children turning 3 after 30 April

Our kinder now accepts children who turn 3 after 30 April.  Each year, after the 30 April, if there are spots available in our classes, then we will accept children who have turned 3 after 30 April.  Applications are made online. You child will be added to the waiting list and if there is a spot available, you will receive an Offer of Placement.

Our enrolment procedure

Parents who wish to enrol their child/children at this kindergarten are required to:

1. Complete the application form below and click submit. Please note we do not accept paper enrolment forms anymore.

2. Pay the $40.00 non-refundable application fee. The fee is to be paid to the following account.  An acknowledgement of payment will be emailed to the address provided on the enrolment form.

         Account Name: Talbingo 3-Year-Old Kindergarten Inc.

         BSB: 193 879 

         Account Number: 442 620 338

         Reference: $40, child's surname, child's first name

         Application Fee: $40

*It is crucial that you contact the Enrolment Officer with any changes of address or phone numbers, as your position cannot be held if we are unable to contact you. We would also appreciate you contacting us if the position is no longer required.

*Any queries can be directed to the Enrolment Officer via our contact page or via email to talbingo.enrolment@gmail.com

Application Form

Please complete all sections

 PLEASE NOTE: Whilst Talbingo 3-year-old Kindergarten Inc. is accepting this application, it gives NO guarantee that a place will be available. If positions are limited, preference will be given in order of when the application form was lodged.  



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